ERIS ONE is a DAnte audio interface which provides the user with a high performance, low latency and uncompressed digital audio networking. The equipment offered standard multipurpose I/O commonly used in the professional audio environment. Thanks to its versatility, scalable architecture and high-performances it can be fully used in the most demanding recording studios, live music, audiovisual installations and broadcast environments.

It is specially designed to be used quite independently, all the ERIS ONE functionality is accessible through an easy and intuitive interface or operated remotely. As a system, it offers the user scalability to adapt its necessities through IOX extensions, allowing to increase I/O capacity in a modular way.

“A highly efficient system” requires a good functioning in even the harshest conditions and in ERIS ONE everything has been designed to fulfill this premise.
The internal and external elements are strategically placed to achieve the peak heat dissipation without the need for forced ventilation. This characteristic gives the longest possible life and most reliable machine. In addition to this, it makes it less vulnerable to dust contaminants and humidity conditions..

The innovative compound audio processor that according to its application lets the user choose and upload the wanted audio effects. All this leads to an efficient, strong and adaptive system.

The conversion system possesses programmable oscillators which enable us to provide our users the highest accuracy and digitally conversion quality in each sample without having to rely on temperature settings.

The ERIS ONE front panel, is fully machined as a single piece of aluminum. Silicone backlit buttons, the metallic controls and the chassis in a U position confers a robust and long life-span equipment.

ERIS AUDIO ENGINEERING focused particularly on power supplies devices. Each of these has been designed individually. Each source is supervised in an independent way. This ensures an optimized consumption, transferring the utmost power with maximum efficiency.


Two RJ45 digital multichannel audio connections with a mastering grade sampling rate up to 192khz and quantification up to 24 bits.

The multichannel audio is transported and received over an IP- based uncompressed network, synchronized and with latencies near to zero.

ERIS ONE implements the protocol DANTE in order to offer interoperability with other systems, which is now being widely used in the professional audio industry AV. These connections can be configured in switching mode or daisy chain mode.

10 analog multipurpose inputs with preamplifier

  • Balanced inputs with combo connectors (XLR+1/4’TRS)
  • Remotely controlled 48V phantom power
  • Remotely controlled amplifier gain of at least 8-63 dB in steps of 1 dB
  • 2 frontal inputs are provided for a quick access
  • High impedance sources with remote activation
  • Remotely activate attenuation of -20dB PAD
  • Each channel allows a high input level of +22dBu
  • The A/D conversion stage at the delta sigma architecture offers dynamic range of 120 dB (A-weighted)

10 analog multipurpose outputs

  • Balanced high current outputs which have retained 18 VRMS with loads up to 600Ω
  • Output amplifiers with THDN de 0,0007% @ 1Khz
  • Noise output level of -101dBu
  • The maximum output level is 27,5 dBu
  • D/A conversers with a dynamic range of 118dB (A-weighted) THDN of -100dB
  • Each output offers a digital attenuation stepping from 0,5 dB to -119,5 dB
  • 2 stereo outputs headphones with frontal access jacks ¼’TRS with volume control. Maximum headphones impedance of 8 Ω

Digital Inputs /Outputs

  • 2 digital selectable I/O between S/PDIF with connectors RCA and AES3 to connector XLR
  • Each I/O has the capability to work with a sampling rate up to 192khz and quantification up to 24 bits per sample
  • Wordclock input and output with AES11 regulation. The wordclock input offers the possibility to introduce the termination of 75 Ω remotely controlled

Digital audio processor

  • Embedded DSP mixes FPGA technology with microprocessors. This digital signal processor is supported by flash memory of 256 Mbits and a memory DDR3 of 4Gbits
  • Programmable hardware oscillators

Communication and control

  • Remote management and control applications using WIFI communication which work in Android and IOs apps
  • Ethernet network 100baseTX offers the possibility of management, remote control and updates
  • Cryptographic processors deployed on hardware for communication system
  • Full color touch screen of 480x272 pixels
  • Digitals rotary switches. E-Control multifunction lever allows the user a quick and safe control functionality

Form- factor

  • Mechanized front of anodized aluminium 19’’ and 2U
  • Steel chassis in a U position reinforced at the front giving credibility and durability in the most demanding recording studios, live music, streaming audio in auditoriums etc..
  • Depth of 300 mm


Audio over IP

Ethernet networks remove multi cores wirings, expensive, heavy and susceptible to noise replacing them with CAT 5 or CAT 6 wirings. In this way, it enables transport of uncompressed digital audio, with synchronized and low latency.


Dante is well accepted in the audio world. The audio transmission and reception is allowed through a standard Ethernet networks. The protocols and services QoS and PTP are implemented to allow a low latency and high precision in synchronizing. Send and receive audio in a PC or MAC is possible when installing the virtual sound card.


The preamplifiers design for ERIS ONE is based on a modular architecture which separates the microphone paths, line and high impedance. Each path is implemented independently with the aid of mechanical relays minimizing distortion.

The preamplifiers allow the user a complete remote control and maximum coupling is obtained with the conversion stage A/D.

FPGA composite processing audio

The innovative Compound Audio processor mixes FPGA technology with a high performance microprocessor. This hybrid device distributes the computer workload between FPGA and a physical processor.
The audio algorithms can be updated via Ethernet or Wifi. This allow the user to enjoy of compressors, equalizers, and multichannel blenders with latencies near zero.

Remote control

ERIS ONE allows a complete control of its functionality remote controlled via a Wifi connection and an application for IOs and Android.


ERIS ONE has the capability of expansion thanks to its IOX extensions. The number of I/O is increased only connecting the IOX to Dante net through a standard Ethernet networks. These extensions can be remotely controlled.


The best tool in any situation

Conducting an orchestra, becoming an assistant in a live show or being the centerpiece of our recording studios are possible options due to the scalable architecture.


ERIS ONE is the director and its extensions are the orchestra. The system is modular and it can be enlarged by a variety of extensions which are available in numerous I/O configurations depending on the requirements. All kinds of combinations are possible.

Our preamplifiers are designed with the acquiescence of THAT CORPORATION, responsible for the most successful preamplifiers on the market with a profit of 63dB and a crystal-clear sound. We are completely sure you will not remain indifferent.

Live session

In a live show we can integrate an ERIS ONE or one of its extensions or…Why not? Adding both of them and thus obtain extra channels to our DANTE network. Replacing your old analog Stageboxes with an ERIS extension totally designed for impact-resistant and forget the others. Any given entry as a sound source can be selected and directed to only one, some or all outputs to our DANTE network. By doing so, we will have a Talkback communication system with our musicians.

The interconnectivity between ERIS ONE and any digital audio table will not be a problem thanks to the automatic gains control. We can select from one to all inputs channels in just two easy steps and in a very short space of time. Automatically, the system may adjust the maximum possible gain with no distortion or the desired medium level.

ERIS ONE, is so incredible both inside and out.

Mixing monitoring

ERIS ONE is aimed to be the cornerstone of our study. It is designed to work as a monitor controller with advanced functions. The quality is not compromised thanks to its high gain audio outputs. When accessing to the monitoring option a specific menu will appear in which the absolute control of the system is possible from both app and ERIS ONE.

A specific function via Bass Management has been implemented. A control of low frequencies is absolutely essential in any monitor controller.

Delay/Phase/Mute and Solo. Our core value is the accuracy, therefore each I/O channel connected to ERIS ONE can be adjusted with a delay of a few milliseconds. In this sense, it will have an absolute control between monitor distances, as well as phase inversion too. Adjusting the level can be modified in steps of 0,5 dB by channel.

Mixing monitoring

DANTE, as an audio transmission protocol, enables the distribution of a large number of channels with a low latency and over various networks.

ERIS ONE makes the most out of the possibilities DANTE offered in conjunction with an external switch of fiber optic. It allows sending and receiving audio to locations situated long distances away, thus the wiring is simplified, the latency is low and this avoids EMI/RFI interferences.

This audio distribution type may occur at shopping centers, airports or exhibition centers.

ERIS ONE is the control center where the user can send different channels to distinct locations and control the public address system. With an IOX extension installed in each placement and a simple converter for fiber to copper, each IOX can receive from ERIS ONE the reproducing channels as a background music or public address system.


ERIS ONE ENGINEERING is the result of its creators´ passion for music and with over 25 years of collective experience in the most demanding sectors in design and technological development decide to gather in order to carry out their dreams: the design and manufacture of their own audio equipments keeping these fundamental pillars: Reliability, Permanence and Quality.

Thanks to accumulated experience, the good deeds and the corporate mission and vision, ERIS AUDIO ENGINEERING positions the company capable of offering all manner of integral solutions for any need in both professional audio and Broadcasting sectors, as well as designing and solutions development becoming a partner of choice.


Being recognized and selected by a source of innovation with our products and technological solutions.
Being recognized at international level for the design and contribution of products that meet the most demanding requirements in the professional audio market.


The concepts of Reliability, Durability and Quality are involved in the most demanding sectors. Our genuine passion is to create final and innovative products where these concepts are presented from the very beginning to its production and use. Furthermore, thanks to our experience and design methodologies, our mission is to find out the best solution, to help our customers taking forward their work with our products.


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